Buying EDS beneficial impact on earnings Hewlett-Packard

November 28, 2008, 5:20 pm

   Became known the outcome of the fourth fiscal quarter Hewlett-Packard, ended in October. Gross revenue for the period reached 33, 6 billion dollars, which is 19% higher than the same quarter last year. It is noted that the greatest contribution to the impressive results achieved activities related to the acquisition by EDS, as well as steadily increasing sales of laptops and modular servers. Activity subdivisions printing devices and desktop systems has not been as successful, but the company stressed that a variety of activities and wide geographical presence in the markets helped HP achieve a good summary indicators. Like others in the industry, the company cautiously approached the assessment of the prospects for the future, noting the need for a change in plans that would adequately reflect the difficult current realities.
The significance of the acquisition of EDS, specializing in providing various computer services, and services, reflected by the numbers - excluding revenue from this area of growth in gross revenue compared with last year would be reduced from 19% to 5%. Quarterly net profit for the last year fell slightly - 2 1 billion to 2, 2 billion dollars, but if you do not take into account non-recurrent costs, you get that net profit increased by 13%.
income from the units of personal computers as a whole grew by 10% to 11, 2 billion U. S. However, 21% growth in sales of laptops turn effect of 2% decline in shipments of desktop systems. Revenues from business lines and graphic printers declined by 1%, to 7, 5 billion dollars, while sales of cartridges and other rashodnikov increased by 9%. Despite good sales of modular servers and storage systems, by 1% to 5, 1 billion dollars in revenues fell from the server unit, which was the cause of decline in shipments of industry standard servers and high-level positions. Revenue from providing services almost doubled and reached 8, 6 billion, largely due to EDS, while profit from sales grew by 13% to 885 million dollars in the current quarter HP expects to receive revenue at 32-32, 5 billion U. S. , but for the whole year - 127, 5-130 billion


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