In the Call of Duty 4 played by 15 million people

March 16, 2009, 7:08 am

in the call of duty 4 played by 15 million people 
in the call of duty 4 played by 15 million people   Infinity Ward has told how many people play shooter Call of Duty 4 over Xbox Live. But that time is not taken into consideration the fans of PS3. Now it became known the total number of active fans of the blockbuster.
By BAFTA awards for Call of Duty 4, Rob Bowling (Rob Bowling) said that about 11 million unique users playing the work of his company via Xbox Live. This is an incredible number of people, bearing in mind that all this service has 17 million subscribers.
As for the PS3, at this prefix sum of fans turned out to be much smaller - only 4 million in total is 15 million people, which is comparable with the results of World of Warcraft. Probably for the next Infinity Ward game will require a more substantial fee.


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