Camera Genius G-Shot P831 reacts to smile

September 8, 2008, 12:02 pm

camera genius g-shot p831 reacts to smile   To acquire attractive design and very easy to use digital camera company KYE Systems offers a new, 8 1 - megapixel camera Genius G-Shot P831, done at compact thin shell silver.
The device is equipped with 3 lens - folded optical zoom, which is supplemented by 4 system - multiple digital zoom. In doing so, for the possibility of obtaining high-quality pictures in any circumstances, new survey has sensitivity up to 1600 units of ISO, offers 16 preset storylines programmes as well as equipped with useful functions such as Face Tracking, Smile Detection and Anti-Shaking. All the captured material, including videos, recorded in VGA-solving, with a 30 frames per second, along with sound, may persist for SDHC-card capacity up to 8 GB, while the result for viewing a 2, 7 - inch LTPS LCD display . In addition, the camera is present in the arsenal of USB 2 interface. 0 as well as elements of nutrition advocate-AA batteries.
Here are just on the cost and timing of the beginning of massive sales of products is not known yet.


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