Cancer will now be treated in another way

August 29, 2008, 10:27 am

cancer will now be treated in another waycancer will now be treated in another way 
cancer will now be treated in another way   People with cancer patients, hope for something or someone accounted rare. Treatment sessions of chemo-and radiotherapy can afford only wealthy people, and then, to conduct operations often have to travel to Europe expensive clinics. And those people are not provided at the right time, a pair of tens of thousands of dollars, remains to wait for assistance from the state or donators.
The good news for patients with this terrible disease recently became a statement of French scientists who literally made a breakthrough in the industry - now brain cancer can be treated with laser.
Information on this achievement shared with reporters, Professor Alexander Carpentier. According to him, as a result of clinical trials, which were conducted in hospital-Salpetrier Pite (Paris, France), through the application of the laser was able to completely remove cancer cells from the marrow of patients six out of fifteen. Most of taking part in the experiment patients - hopeless, he left to live no more than 3 months. Nevertheless, such a procedure might extend the life of a person for a year.
As noted professor, operations can be conducted using local anesthesia. To carry out the necessary action to reveal cranial box does not necessarily. The laser beam can be directed to a painful area through the catheter through a small hole. Much of the work in such operations will perform the electronic equipment:in addition to a neurosurgeon, here apparatus used magnetic resonance tomography, electronics also controls the temperature of the laser, which processed the affected area after the localization of the tumor.
We can only believe and hope that these technologies as soon as possible become available not only for those who are willing to pay for treatment, but also for people who simply need it.
As we see it, if they so desire and ability to help people with cancer patients may each of us. Take the same project scientists Stanford University Folding @ Home, which contribute to the fight against cancer can all applicants. Helping sick people can even by regular SMS-or a good word. You understand, to live and enjoy life has every right.


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