Capcom brings Resident Evil Code:Veronica on the Wii

March 11, 2009, 1:03 pm

capcom brings resident evil code:veronica on the wii   According to recent rumors, the company Capcom soon happy Wii owners and fans of the series Resident Evil. Ostensibly publisher is preparing to release a special port of Resident Evil Code:Veronica for the consoles from Nintendo. Announce a new product to be held from 12 March 2009. It was at that time, appointed an official date for the special event on the occasion of release in the U. S. the game Resident Evil 5.
Resident Evil Code:Veronica is an interesting and unfamiliar part of the famous zombie-series because of its initial release on Dreamcast. Draft boasted three-dimensional backdrop, the possibility of fire from the two hands, improves the types of weapons, as well as the opportunity to pick herbs, even with the full inventory. It will be interesting to look at the adaptation of the famous adventures.
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