Capcom is changing its strategy in the market of video games

September 12, 2008, 11:53 am

capcom is changing its strategy in the market of video games   The company issued a thick Capcom financial report, which has been said many interesting things about the strategy for the future. The first major innovation:the publisher will no longer engage in projects solely for the creation of a single platform. The second surprise - more attention will be given to market PC games. So, we can count on the fact that Resident Evil 5, over which now operates more than 400 people, all the same portiruyut computers.
In the document, and there are still many other interesting information:
  • screen adaptation of Street Fighter will appear on the screens in February;
  • Based on the popular franchisee will produce causal games;
  • Circulation Devil May Cry 4 amounted to 2, 32 million;
  • Resident Evil:Extinction - the most popular film in the series, collected $ 140 million net income;
  • Circulation Resident Evil:The Umbrella Chronicles is 1, 06 million;
  • 80% of sales Dead Rising, Lost Planet and Resident Evil 4 last year were made by the ocean;
  • Monster Hunter continues to be one of the most popular taytlov in Japan;
  • Circulation Apollo Justice:Ace Attorney amounted to 0, 56 million
  • ve3d.


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