Capcom talks about Lost Planet 2

March 1, 2009, 10:45 am

capcom talks about lost planet 2 
capcom talks about lost planet 2   One of the vice-presidents Capcom Christian Svesson (Christian Svensson) talked a bit about the project Lost Planet 2. According to him, producer Jun Takeuchi Project (Jun Takeuchi) is very well suited to the creation sequel. He wants to make great and interesting game, spending on it a lot of time.
Svensson (Svensson) said that the Lost Planet 2 will be saved all the important features of the original, but the standard approach to the creation sequel general refuse. Must have something completely different. The game can become a kind of similar to Call of Duty 4 for the quality.
After these messages Lost Planet 2 is perceived as a really interesting hits. We hope that Capcom does not fail and will issue a stand-alone entertainment.
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