CES 2009:iriver lineup of players for this year

January 12, 2009, 7:48 am

ces 2009:iriver lineup of players for this yearces 2009:iriver lineup of players for this yearces 2009:iriver lineup of players for this year 
ces 2009:iriver lineup of players for this year   The company iriver continues to show the various players in the market for all categories of people. At CES 2009 vendor brought four music model - P7, E50, E100 Season II and Mplayer Eyes.
Portable Player iriver P7 offers sensory management. Diagonal screen with a friendly interface is 4, 3 inches. The amount of internal memory, depending on the model is 4, 8 or 16 GB (plus support for microSD). Opening hours on one battery charge is limited to 50 hours of audio listening.
The duration of the iriver E50 is practically equal iriver P7 - 52 hours in the running audio. Diagonal screen of 1, 8 inches, the amount of memory - 2 or 4 GB, there are FM-radio.
Model E100 Season II with 2, 4-inch screen supports a successor E100. The main difference - a bright solution (a combination of orange metallic gray). There are stereo speakers, FM-radio slot, microSD, line input.
The distinguishing feature of the player Mplayer Eyes of the original steel Mplayer eyes, Lights when playing, and increased memory (2 GB). So far, two colors - pink and blue bed.


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