CES 2009:media Seagate FreeAgent TheaterHD

January 11, 2009, 9:52 am

ces 2009:media seagate freeagent theaterhd   The exhibition 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place today in Las Vegas, the company Seagate priurochila announce interesting new items - a multimedia player Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD, equipped with a docking station and designed to play video and photos using your home AV system. Player Seagate FreeAgent Theater is designed to work together with the well-known product of the company, a portable hard drive Seagate FreeAgent Go.
player Seagate FreeAgent Theater supports playback of HD video with surround sound, you can view a slideshow of pictures with sound. Using an external hard drive FreeAgent Go player is synchronized with other systems, storage media, and allows you to copy the data through the port USB.
player Seagate FreeAgent Theater supports many audio/video formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DIVX (NTSC, PAL), HD (up to 1080i) and even subtitles;5. 1-channel audio MP3, WMA, WAV b OGG. To connect to a TV player FreeAgent Theater is equipped with interfaces, S-video, component, composite and audio output interfaces.
player Seagate FreeAgent Theater will begin to appear on sale in March 2009, initially - retail in the U. S. and EMEA. Recommended retail prices FreeAgent Theater with remote control:$ 130 per player without an external hard drive FreeAgent Go, $ 230 for a model with a 250 GB FreeAgent Go or $ 300 for a model with a 500 GB FreeAgent Go.


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