CES 2009:new Blu-ray players Pioneer

January 11, 2009, 2:57 pm

ces 2009:new blu-ray players pioneerces 2009:new blu-ray players pioneer 
ces 2009:new blu-ray players pioneer   At CES 2009 the company Pioneer has brought a bunch of new players Blu-ray. Flagship model of Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD is a multimedia device capable of not only producing Blu-ray discs, but also to scale video to DVD format to 1080p. As it should be modern devices, BDP-09FD supports BD-Live.
Player Elite BDP-23FD allows you to record a BD-Live content to a built gigabaytnuyu fleshku, as well as external drives, which can be connected to a USB-port. There are 7. 1-channel analog audio output. Also worth noting technology Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS), which, according to the developers to get rid of the jitter when playing high-resolution audio formats, RS-232C interface and mode of KURO Link Picture Mode, designed specifically for high-quality playback of images from television KURO.
Model BDP-320 as well as the BDP-23FD, supports BD-Live, has gigabyte internal memory, USB-port, 7. 1-channel sound scheme. Features news highlights:
  • Support color depth of 48 bits;
  • Panel Picture Control Suite, which provides access to a variety of settings, thirty video;
  • Special scheme of reducing noise reduction Noise Reduction Circuits improve the display of low quality DVD-content;
  • KURO Link Picture Mode.

Заключает parade player BDP-120. This model supports the playback of Full HD-video technology, BD-Live. To connect the external drive is USB-port.
BDP-120, BDP-320 and BDP-23FD will be on sale this summer.


• BDP-09FD
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