CES 2009:S3 Graphics and Fujitsu offered a means of piracy

January 11, 2009, 8:54 am

   The company S3 Graphics has taken part in the annual media event Lunch @ Piero s, held at the exhibition CES 2009. Participants had before it an innovative hardware platform for the protection of HD-video transmission on IP-networks, which is built around a multimedia graphics processor S3 Graphics Chrome 400 and specialized LSI Content Protection from Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited.
chip Content Protection supervises the integrity and encryption/camouflage for processing content for complicating the task hackers. This chip uses the AES algorithm to protect the content is in the video during the decode and display on the screen connected to interfaces DisplayPort or HDMI with HDCP. The core of circuits Content Protection has its own mechanism for encryption/decryption, which, as noted, provides smooth operation and high level of security, along with AES-encoder, which is located in a graphic processor.
In the view of developers, with the development process of transition from the schemes of HD-video distribution on physical media for the dissemination of IP-networks, studios and providers of multimedia content is useful to secure platform to protect and control the spread of video from the source to the end user, offering great security than traditional software.


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