CES 2009:two stereo 3D technology from Dolby and NVIDIA

January 6, 2009, 12:45 pm

   As part of Consumer Electronics Show 2009, which starts in Las Vegas already this week, the company Dolby Labs and NVIDIA will demonstrate its own independent of reinforcing the development of 3D stereo systems for home use.
According to the daily on-line edition of EE Times, the company will introduce its own version of Dolby technology stereo 3D-vision, designed to work with digital TV and players Blu-ray. The company already offers a stereo 3D-video systems for cinemas, but the demonstration gotovyaschayasya is directly related to technology, namely the 3D-decoder for consumer products.
At the core of home technology Dolby Labs - pikselnogo pattern formation on a chess board, roughly similar to the methods adapted nowadays companies Mitsubishi and Samsung in 3-D-ready digital TVs. The technology works with products that support Blu-ray, HDMI and MPEG video formats with the modern. To view the 3-dimensional images of Dolby Labs technology can be used as active or passive 3D glasses. Unfortunately, the exact timing of the final technology readiness for commercialization Dolby has not yet been disclosed.
Unlike Dolby, NVIDIA company intends to show in the CES 2009 has already finished product line 3D Vision - Additional cards for PCs cost around $ 199, which enables you to play computer games with 3D-stereo effect. Price product that already includes the cost of active points, and the system is maintained so far at least 350 games.
for the normal operation of 3D stereo from NVIDIA will need a modern video production to the company and, of course, 3-D-ready monitor or TV.


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