CES 2009:Wireless charge and powered by Powermat

January 11, 2009, 3:48 pm

ces 2009:wireless charge and powered by powermat 
ces 2009:wireless charge and powered by powermat   The Israeli company Powermat Ltd demonstrated at CES 2009 its decision on food and charging the wireless consumer electronics. Device for contactless charging mobile phones, cameras, laptops and portable game consoles have already produced many manufacturers. But, according to representatives of Powermat, they differ in the development of high efficiency - up to 93%. The developer uses its devices, combined the technology of magnetic attachment and RFID to ensure the safety and environmental hygiene of charge. Special adapter that has an RFID-chip detects the location of a point radiator and connects the device to power. The company is ready to begin production of wireless zaryadok already this year, the cost of packages ranging from tens to $ 100.
In addition, Powermat announced jointly with the corporation Shimizu develop so-called Electro. Novelty is a built-in wall of a building or furniture special emitters for non power of household appliances:TVs, speakers, lights and more.


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