Characteristics of 40-nm processors GT212

January 6, 2009, 7:10 am

   Very soon we will be able to assess the possibility of 55-nm graphics processor G200 - scheduled for the coming days, an official release video cards NVIDIA, based on these chips, and new items should appear in the free sale . The next step kaliforniytsev will release the next generation, namely, the 40-nm solutions, known today under the code GT212. Back to the topic makes us new information about the technical characteristics of integrated circuits.
As we have noted, the production GT212 will be on 40-nm tehprotsessu, thus significantly reducing the size of microchips - GT200 chip area of 470 sq. km. mm, and the area`s new-generation graphics processors will be about 300 square meters. mm. This is despite the fact that the number of transistors will be increased immediately to 400 million, and reaches to 1, 8 billion additional transistors will be spent on increasing the number of Shader units - 384 units at 240 against the GT212 and GT200. Developers and to increase the number of blocks teksturizatsii (TMU) to 96.
Interesting changes occur in the construction of a subsystem of graphics memory - the place is quite broad, and so complicated and expensive, 512-bit memory bus coming 256-bit interface. But is support for high-speed GDDR5-memory instead of GDDR3. Thus, NVIDIA has recognized that a similar decision, implemented in the case of competing processors AMD RV770, proved profitable.
At last, say, that the emergence of new products in sales is expected in the second quarter of 2009.


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