The cheapest in the world Full HD projector from Epson

September 8, 2008, 12:03 pm

the cheapest in the world full hd projector from epson   The exhibition CEDIA EXPO 2008 Epson company proudly presented its new front projector PowerLite Home Cinema 6100, which, it claimed, was the first in the industry with a projector resolution Full HD 1080p, reached the $ 1999 price mark.
From the title immediately clear that novelty is targeted primarily for use as a home cinema. Director unit Projector Marketing and Development Company Epson America Radzheev Mishra (Rajeev Mishra) noted that the Home Cinema 6100 provides users with an optimal combination of quality, productivity, ease of use and price.
The new Epson projector built on the location of 3LCD technology and includes advanced optical imaging unit. Compared with predecessors, the level of dynamic contrast increased by 50% to 18000:1 values. The light source is designed on the basis of the development company E-TORL (Epson Twin Optics Reflection Lamp) and provides high brightness of 1800 lumen. Interestingly, the optical system for OptiCinema Epson has developed a well-known company in this field Fujinon.
Advantages of its new items prichislyaet Epson also lower compared with previous models, the noise level, which does not exceed 22 dB. This was achieved through the use of more energy-efficient components, allowing fans to reduce the speed of the cooling system.
The rich set of interfaces includes component and composite video inputs, S-Video input, VGA-entry, as well as two HDMI port 1. 3a.
Epson promised to run a novelty to the market in November this year. The recommended retail price - $ 1999.


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