Children are the future - the computer genius ?

February 6, 2009, 1:41 pm

children are the future - the computer genius ?   At the age of 9 years, children may be interested in cartoons, cars, love to spend time with friends and discover the world through school textbooks and educational software. Nevertheless, playing in the sandbox or sew clothes for your favorite dolls prefer not all. No IT-managed public to forget the story of 8-year-old boy from Macedonia, who recently received the status of certified Microsoft (the very young, by the way), how about yourself said another computer genius. It is about Singaporeans Lim Ding Vienna (Lim Ding Wen), who in his 9 years, decided to please the development of native full product Doodle Kids for the iPhone.
to doubt the abilities of a small specialist not - now, he owns six programming languages and computer Wen began at the age of 2 years. At the moment, the boy boasts 20 completed projects and is working on creating a game called Invader Wars. By the way, the father of Lima also develops applications for the iPhone. As for 2 weeks Doodle Kids already downloaded more than 4000 times, the rivalry between father and son gets serious.
In the view of many doctors and specialists, such ability can be observed not in all children. It often happens that the computer geniuses are people living with autism. We know that autistu, compared to the ordinary person, much more easily and quickly able to explore a particular programming language. Interestingly, in the state of Microsoft from 5% to 20% of staff - autisty. However, if your child likes to do and he is programming with pleasure - not to panic. Index - to monitor the amount of time, which makes the child in front of a PC monitor.


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