China spends $ 15 billion LCD factory

February 22, 2009, 2:30 pm

china spends $ 15 billion lcd factory   The Chinese Government has to seriously ponder, to stimulate the growth of the LCD panels in the region. Leadership is going to invest in this segment of approximately 100 billion yuan ($ 14, 63 billion). On the initiative recently announced site
It is expected that public investors will build a joint venture with existing large players in this market. To a greater degree of cooperation will benefit BOE Technology Group, SVA Group and Info Vision Optronics (IVO).
It should be recalled that in 2008 IVO going to build a new factory with a budget of $ 3 billion company has already filed a business plan to the government commission and hopes to have the necessary resources. Such talks are also members of BOE. Since the Taiwan experts have been consulted on the specifications of modern assembly equipment for the plants to produce LCD panels.


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