Chinese chips will petaflops ?

August 27, 2008, 6:06 pm

   The development of China`s microprocessor industry, the first time, declared itself seriously in 2002, the issuance of chips Loongson (also known as Dragon and Godson), goes to a new level. At the Hot Chips 20 conference, held at Stanford University from 24 to 26 August, members of the Institute of Computer Technology (ICT) Chinese Academy of Sciences presented the third generation Godson processors, which will become the first Chinese multi CPU.
Godson-3 would represent a processor unit, consisting of several kernels of general purpose Godson-2 and (in some models) specialized nuclei GStera. In addition, the new processors will be made for pairing with other CPU, which will create a multiprocessing system. A key innovation will be adding about 200 new teams, which will ensure compatibility with the x86 architecture and accelerate the processing of multimedia data.
will be presented two versions of Godson-3:quad and vosmiyadernaya. All of them will be in 65 - nm design rules at the facility ST Microelectronics, bar work at frequencies up to 1 GHz (later frequency limit reaches 1, 2 GHz) and have an integrated memory controller DDR2. Design processor is characterized by a distributed scalable architecture with configurable core and the cache L2. Note the relatively low power consumption chips. Thus, 4 - nuclear Godson-3 processors consume about 10 W, and 8 - nuclear - about 20 Watts.
The first samples quad models Godson-3 will see the light at this year (although the timing start mass production does not specify), and in 2009 will vosmiyadernaya version. Interestingly, on Godson-3 processors China plans to build supercomputer in 2010 with a capacity of 1 petaflops. In addition, Godson-3 also will appear in desktop systems with a capacity of approximately teraflops.
In addition to Godson-3, Chinese developers also announced release next year processors Godson 2G and Godson 2H, which based architecture will Godson-2. Godson-2G chips will combine computer graphics kernel and block, and Godson-2H will be a system on chip (SoC) and unite on a single crystal several components, including North and South bridges.
Deputy Director of ICT Zhivey Ksyu (Zhiwei Xu) noted that over the Godson processors currently employs about 300 people, of whom 200 are engaged hardware part, while the rest are focused on developing software.


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