Chip for wireless transmission of several HD-video

September 11, 2008, 8:07 am

   Nachinayuschaya Celeno Communications Company presented the first details about the new 5 GHz chip Wi-Fi, supports the transfer of several high-resolution video streams. According to the developers, chip CL1300 can serve up to four HD-video streams with a range of up to 50 m, and, allegedly, the existence of numerous obstacles in the form of walls and interfloor overlaps does not cause loss of packages. In doing so, chip Celeno retains compatibility with standard equipment 802. 11 a/b/g/n, and can establish connections with almost any wireless device at the maximum speed possible for the latter.
In CL1300 used several methods to improve wireless transmission of the most progressive developments in the field of Wi-Fi. The subsystem-level PHY supports connection to eight antennas MIMO, with the possibility of using the principles of triangulation to locate Wi-Fi devices and the formation of signals aimed at their side. In addition, the chip is implemented algorithm Switched MIMO, dynamically alter the amount involved at the transmitter and receiver antennas in accordance with the track quality signal. To reduce possible interference used 20 MHz channels in the range of 5 GHz, instead of 40 MHz channels or more loaded band 2, 4 GHz.
For the processing of traffic using the embedded CPU kernel ARM9, which should provide customers data in accordance with the classes of service. The quality of connection is checked every 10 ms, and if necessary make the necessary adjustments to the schemes was fixed. In addition, the processor chip contains corporate packages, providing them sorted by grade service. This chip is made of 130 - nm technology, contains a complete circuit controllers levels MAC and PHY, and further demands for its existence only 16 MB external memory DDR2.
According to the manufacturer, tests have shown the ability to transmit CL1300 UDP traffic at speeds of 35 Mbps within a radius of up to 23 m in five walls before the start of reducing capacity. Argued that under similar conditions equipment based on 802 chips. 11n already beginning to lose productivity at a distance of 13 metres with two walls, and completely lost the connection at a distance of 21 m and in the presence of four walls separating device.


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