Chipmeykery Japanese NEC and Renesas united

April 28, 2009, 12:00 pm

chipmeykery japanese nec and renesas united 
chipmeykery japanese nec and renesas united   The world economic crisis led some to urgently sell the property and look for a possible investor, able to rescue from impending bankruptcy. While other companies are overcoming the downturn in the economy through a merger and subsequent restructuring. On the latter scenario, have decided to do the major Japanese companies, manufacturers of integrated circuits - NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology. Under the announced plans of both chipmeykerov, their immediate goal is a procedure for combining into a single company. As a result of such a move would not only survive hard times, but also to become the third largest world chipmeykerom.
It seems that all the necessary procedures will be completed only by April next year. Formed a company, the giant will be the third in a race chipmeykerov, behind only Intel and Samsung. But not only the global crisis spodvig parties responsible for the implementation of such a procedure. Competition in the market of integrated circuits with the passage of time only increased, and to compete on an equal footing with their opponents should be merged into larger and more powerful structure.
To ensure that problems do not undermine the overall financial position of the new combined company, both parties will soon close will optimize their costs and revenues that the transaction was completed merger of two stable in all respects, partners. The procedure for the discussion of further actions and to sign the necessary documents will be held in July this year.
It should be noted that the company Renesas, a joint venture Hitachi Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. , Currently the second largest Japanese chipmeykerom, exceeded only by the company Toshiba. NEC Electronics, the third largest Japanese chipmeyker, is a division of the corporation NEC Corp.


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