How to choose smartphones and communicators

December 13, 2008, 9:27 am

   Spb Software recently released the results of the fifth annual survey of owners of the CPC, smartphones and communicators. Spb Software study was conducted at the company`s website from 10 to 24 November 2008. The objectives of the survey were studying user loyalty to brands - companies producing devices, mobile operators, as well as identification of the main scenarios of the CPC, communicators, smartphones.
In the current poll was attended by several thousand people from 22 countries, including Russia and CIS countries. Compared with 2007 the number of participants increased by 50%. Russian version of the questionnaire filled 15% of the total respondents.
The results of the fifth annual survey of owners of PDA-smartphones, communicators, conducted by Spb Software, the following:

  • The positions of absolute leadership of user preferences - the company HTC to the Russian market is weaker than any in the world. At the CIS competition leader constitute ASUS and E-TEN/Glofiish;
  • Russian-speaking users communicator, smartphone under foreign colleagues and are more likely is the manager of senior and middle managers;
  • to the Russian market as at least two times more popular simultaneous use of two SIM cards;
  • The proportion of cracked and pirated software for mobile platforms on the Russian market is still at least two times higher than any of the world;
  • Russian language users more demanding for a functional element of mobile devices.
Some 70% of survey participants - the United States and Europe (excluding Russia and CIS countries). 15% of survey participants from Russia, 2% - from Ukraine, 0, 4% - from Belarus, 0, 13% - from Estonia, Latvia 0, 12% - from Kazakhstan, 0, 11% - from Estonia, 0, 1% -- from Moldavia.
In Russia and the CIS through neoperatorskoy model sales competition among brands above, but below the threshold for the entry of newcomers. Recently, a very good momentum demonstrated ASUS and E-TEN/glofiish. The first - at the expense of high quality devices, famous brands in the IT environment and a balanced product line (in particular, a strong filling and, above all, fast processor). The second - at the expense of highly effective literacy promotion in the market.
Hit Parade models (Russian-speaking users of preference):
  • HTC Diamond P3700 - almost 5% of the respondents;
  • ASUS P535 - 4, 5%;
  • ASUS P750 - 4, 2%;
  • HTC Touch P3450 and HTC 3300 (Artemis) - 3. 5%;
  • HTC Touch Cruise P3650, glofiish X500, glofiish X650 - slightly less than 3% each.
According to experts, the data confirm the long-noticed feature of the Russian-speaking market - the low popularity of the form factor side-slider with QWERTY-keyboard. Note that among the participants from abroad, such devices are far more fans (HTC TyTN II and HTC Touch Pro - the first two positions triples).
of the old models, production of which ended more than 2 years ago, is still widely used Russian-speaking participants in the survey - HTC 3300 (Artemis) - 3%, glofiish X500 - 2%, Dell Axim X51v, E-TEN M600, Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX 718/720 and N560, HTC TyTN, Qtek S200 - more than 1% each.
The main criteria of satisfaction with a wireless device called the Russian-speaking interviewees:
  • features - it is important to 81%;
  • Design - 66%;
  • Availability Embedded Wi-Fi module - 55%;
  • Large screen for readability - 49%.
of the least important - a good musical platform (all 10%). Most of discontent in the selected device causes a lack of RAM (49% of respondents), a small screen size and overall instability of Staff (28%).
The most popular device with a QWERTY-keyboard - HTC TyTN II - only 9 spot at 1, 5% of the respondents.


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