Chrome:Google own browser is available for download

September 10, 2008, 6:33 pm

chrome:google own browser is available for download   Google has confirmed rumours the release of its own browser Google Chrome, which went on the Internet since 2004. The new browser completely remade internal structure, typical for such products. First, each browser session running as a separate process, and plug-ins to its subsidiaries operate as separate processes. Thus, when hovering separate Web page programme would not be closed. In Google Chrome even has a special task manager with which you can manage internal processes and, if necessary, to stop them.
For visualization of web pages in a new browser engine used Webkit, which also applies in the Apple Safari browser and from Nokia. For the execution of Java-scripts used engine V8, which is characterized by high productivity. In Chrome also integrated technology Google Gears, which enables web applications to continue their work even if the connection to the Internet was interrupted. Google Gears uploaded onto the computer enough data to ensure that in case of loss of connection work in the browser with such services as mail, calendar, word processor is not interrupted.
Neobychen and interface. First, Chrome tabs placed at the top of the window, below them - toolbar and address bar. Home is made up of nine sites that you visit most often, their title pages are presented in the form of sketches, three by three. Nearby, on the same page is a list of the most frequent queries. Address Bar has become a clever instrument with the capacity of auto, selects the desired results based on user search queries, bookmarks and history of visited pages. For those who work with the browser on a computer utilities, and a confidential regime in which all data about sites visited, and so will not be memorable.
So far, Chrome is available only for Windows. The program is distributed as an open source application. Download the Russian version can be here.


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