Cisco has expressed a desire to buy Pure Digital Technologies

March 24, 2009, 4:23 pm

   Cisco announced its intention to acquire the private company Pure Digital Technologies, known for its innovative videoresheniyami to use the market, promoted under the brand name of Flip Video. According to Cisco, Pure Digital revolutionized opportunities for users capture video and sharing it with the help of Flip Video, so that and are interested in networking giant. Device Flip Video, the sale of which had already reached milestone 2 million copies in the permit by simple operations quickly to remove, edit, and put the video on resources such as YouTube, which are very popular now.
The terms of the agreement on the acquisition provided that the team at Pure Digital voletsya business unit custom solutions Cisco, which includes the Linksys devices for home networking and mediaserverov. The financial side of the transaction includes the purchase of all shares of Cisco Pure Digital in the amount of $ 590 million, as well as payment of bonuses of $ 15 million employees purchased the company, who will continue his work has the benefit of the new venture. It was expected that the transaction will take place from May to July this year, after all necessary approvals and other standard procedures. Cisco said that this acquisition is an example of the overall innovation strategy aimed at rapid development and capture of key positions in new markets.


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