Cisco, Intel and Microsoft will take over education

January 20, 2009, 8:12 am

   In recent days, representatives of the companies Cisco, Intel and Microsoft announced a partnership aimed at improving the system of educational evaluation and improvement of learning outcomes. At the World Forum on Education and Technology (Learning and Technology World Forum), held in London, IT-giant disclosed plans to support a multidisciplinary research project to develop new approaches, techniques and technologies that will measure the success of teaching and learning around the world.
The project on research and development of the assessment system, led by Cisco, Intel and Microsoft, received the support of international organizations specializing in this field. In particular, the OECD and the International Association for the evaluation of achievements in the field of education (International Association of the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, IEA) have expressed interest in the use of methodologically sound and experimentally verified data from the system for evaluating the skills of XXI century, as the basis for the development of the following versions of PISA and TIMSS (Trends in international mathematics education and science) and their corresponding international tests.
The project involves work in several key areas that could lead to the most significant transformation of training and evaluations. Groups of teachers and researchers focus their efforts on creating tools and technologies of educational assessments, effective learning environments, and reproducible methods of teaching and the grading of ICT for students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as the monitoring of learning outcomes. To expedite the project and include the results in the next version of PISA and TIMSS, will explore practical methods of teaching and testing auditornogo knowledge and skills required in the XXI century, as well as conclusions about the possibility of widespread use of the system of evaluations.


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