Citroen and Sony will provide C-Crosser Exclusive PSP Edition

March 13, 2009, 10:34 am

citroen and sony will provide c-crosser exclusive psp edition   If there are many versions of automotive electronic gadgets, why not see the car in the console versions ? Citroen has entered into a partnership with Sony, to provide fans of cars and portable version of Playstation game console, a special version of its crossover C-Crosser. However, judging from the available descriptions, in addition to additional shildika and attachment to the PSP in the head front passenger seat, the car has not undergone specific changes. But in its completion is actually PlayStation Portable Slim Light, two games and a memory card Memory Stick Pro Duo.
In fact, C-Crosser Exclusive PSP Edition is built on the base model with a diesel engine 2, 2 liter capacity of 160 liters. with. , Complete Xenon headlight head light systems, climate control and ESP, an acoustic system with support for Bluetooth-headset mode, the navigation system Citroen NaviDrive and music server capable of storing up to 2500 songs. According to various data, the European market version of the console crossover will cost either 28345, or 33900, all the euro.


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