Close acquaintance:Sparkle GeForce 9800 GT 55 - nm

June 28, 2008, 1:12 pm

close acquaintance:sparkle geforce 9800 gt 55 - nmclose acquaintance:sparkle geforce 9800 gt 55 - nm 
close acquaintance:sparkle geforce 9800 gt 55 - nm   Transition to a more progressive tehprotsess except for all its advantages allows the manufacturer to lower cost solutions produced with its help. The consequence of which is able to successfully compete. And no matter what, on processors or graphics cards, the essence of one. The company ATI already reaping the benefits of switching to 55 - nm tehprotsess, the same can be said about NVIDIA, which is also reaping the fruits only with little other colors. The situation should change with the release of new products based on 55 - nm tehprotsessa, one of which we describe.
abundance GeForce 9800 graphics cards GT, submitted Sparkle, strikes, a dozen models for every taste. In the hands of the guys resource Fudzilla has one of these graphic adapters, which is equipped with a passive cooling system. Key differences from a GeForce 8800 GT only two - is support technology HybridPower and 55 - nm tehprotsess. Photo updated kernel presented below, for comparison and will also present an image 65 - nm chip G92.
Area 55 - nm chip is 270 square millimeter, while 65 - nm chip that figure significantly higher, at 330 square millimeters. The utility GPU-Z incorrectly displays the data, the kernel does not audit A2 and B1, and tehprotsess not 65 - nm, but the true name is indicated.
cooling system greatly resembles such a video card installed on the PowerColor HD 4850 SCS3, four heat pipes and a huge number of ribs, which are located across the map.


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