Club in 2500 MHz is now available and Corsair Dominator DDR3

June 26, 2008, 12:50 pm

club in 2500 mhz is now available and corsair dominator ddr3   Uniting people of interest could lead to what should constitute the club, for the entry into which must be met certain conditions. With respect to IT-themes, namely computer components, it is most often formed clubs composed of enthusiasts and"entrance ticket"is to overcome some residents. For example, is testing SuperPi 1M results with less than 10 or in 3Dmark 2005 to recruit at least 30000"parrots", there are clubs 7 GHz Intel, and even 8 GHz.
If there was such a club, for entry in which to show proof that the standard DDR3 memory dispersed prior to 2500 MHz frequencies, the company Corsair could enter into it. In his laboratory employees were able to disperse the memory Corsair Dominator DDR3-1333 to 2580 MHz frequency, with the timings were equal 9-9-9-24. An interesting feature is that as a tool used to disperse the motherboard ASUS Rampage Extreme, built based chipset Intel X48. That she participated in establishing the previous record, when memory was dispersed before Micron DDR3-2516.
To achieve such an impressive frequency of the entire test stand had cooled to the temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius. Our domestic enthusiasts also sometimes resort to such methods, which make the system block winter on the balcony. How did the company Corsair engineers are not known, but the record counted.


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