Club 3D Radeon HD 4850 on a short board`s new design

March 3, 2009, 9:56 am

club 3d radeon hd 4850 on a short board`s new design   The official site of Club 3D graphics card has a description under the symbol CGAX-4852DDC, a new and very curious on the performance version of the graphic adapter ATI Radeon HD 4850 on manufactured on the basis of 55-nm chip technology RV770 PRO with 800 stream processors.
It should be noted that the developers have substantially re-reference design PCB reference sample from AMD, changing the layout of its elements and significantly reducing the overall length. In addition, the authors equipped a child better than the standard cooler, dvuhslotovoy active air cooling system, consisting of a round aluminum radiator, black and set in the center of a large white fan impeller.
The accelerator uses a PCI Express bus 2. 0 x16, compatible with DirectX 10. 1 Shader Model 4. 1, supports the technology ATI CrossFireX Multi-GPU Technology, ATI PowerPlay and ATI Avivo HD Technology with an integrated video processor second-generation (Unified Video Decoder 2) and is equipped with a removed rear panel connectors two Dual-Link DVI and one HDTV-output. This frequency performance items were left at default values, and is 625 MHz and 1986 MHz graphics core and GDDR3 memory in 512 MB with 256-bit interface, respectively.
As for the estimated cost and the likely timing of the product on sale, on this account any information yet.


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