CMOS sensors Hynix will appear in phones Samsung and LG

March 24, 2009, 2:26 pm

cmos sensors hynix will appear in phones samsung and lg   South Korean company Hynix, not so long ago left to the market CIS-sensors for phones and notebooks, began to win a place in the sun. According to sources from the distributors of integrated circuits, Hynix has agreed to supply its product fellow, the electronics industry giants Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. Hynix will begin shipment of VGA and 2 MP CIS-sensors at the beginning of the third quarter of this year.
It should be noted, Hynix has begun preparations to enter the market for CMOS image sensor for portable devices in the third quarter of last year. In the plans of the company is the Number 3 -, 5 - and 8-IP models. Samples of these devices, it will propose to its partners in the third quarter of 2009, a massive supply of start early next year.
Production Hynix CMOS sensors deployed in the factory, which produces 9-inch silicon wafers.


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