Coby netbuk issue a cheaper $ 100

December 5, 2008, 8:34 pm

coby netbuk issue a cheaper $ 100   So far, IT-community disputes, to a segment include a device with a 7-inch displays - UMPC or MID, manufacturers produce miniature mobile computers such as pocket-size, in the form laptop at a very low price. American Coby company plans to engage in a race ultrabyudzhetnyh netbukov costing $ 100 or less. Manufacturer prepares two models netbukov PoqetMate-7 and PoqetMate-9 with a price of $ 99, 95.
compact computers with displays 7 and 9 inch will be working in the Chinese Loongson processor that is running Linux, and there will be on sale in March 2009. The representative of Coby, 7-inch display - the limit of miniature laptop, which can be considered polnofunktsionalnym computer rather than a toy for children. Vendor even offers to call these miniature laptops to $ 100 not netbukami and midzhitami (midgets, with Eng. Karliki).


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