Comics Game Prototype

January 23, 2009, 4:07 pm

comics game prototypecomics game prototypecomics game prototype 
comics game prototype   The site DC Wildstorm has information about the new mini-series of comics on the videogame Prototype. Overall, the project will be released six parts for $ 4 each. The premiere will be held the first of April.
Over komiksom work Justin Gray (Justin Gray) and Jimmy Palmiotti (Jimmy Palmiotti). They write texts. Sami illustrations create Derik Robertson (Darick Robertson) and Matt Jacobs (Matt Jacobs). The main plot will be linked with the New York detectives from the department of the killings, which are looking for a very picturesque serial killer.
Prototype game itself is the summer of 2009. It talks about a guy named Alex Mercer (Alex Mercer), who has turned into a strange mutant and now walks the streets of New York, otbivayas from the tanks and monsters.


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