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September 25, 2008, 3:55 pm

comments nokia about android from google   Nokia is ready for rapid onset of Google software on the market for smartphones. Back in June it bought for U. S. $ 410 million outstanding shares of British company Symbian, the developer the same operating system, and announced that it plans to soon make a free operating system and open its source code. Do not Miss the largest manufacturer of mobile phones and a chance to comment on yesterday`s announcement the first smartphone T-Mobile G1, is running an operating system Android.
I think that the submission of a mature platform in the form of solutions, open-source slightly changes the game, - said David Rivas, head of technology management units Nokia, dealing platform S60, which is running Symbian. Until then, the choice was as follows:a mature, but a closed system, or open, but young. Now a third option, incorporated the best of the previous two.
In addition to most Nokia, work with the organization Symbian Foundation, brings together manufacturers of mobile phones, developers of chipsets for them, as well as mobile operators to develop a platform for open source software, the company will continue to Motorola, Sony Ericsson and others.
Rivas said that at the end of June, the world has sold 226 million devices based on Symbian, which gives significant advantage of the OS, compared with competing products from Google and Apple. All the developers eventually opted for a platform that can boast of good sales. According to Nokia, in the same June record the development of 92 new models of devices running Symbian, while the world already exists 249 devices on the basis of the OS.
At the moment, the organization Symbian Foundation came 40 companies, while on his participation in the Open Handset Alliance, engaged in developing and promoting Android, announced 34 companies.
Mobile Operators also benefit from the platform, which combines three different versions of Symbian (S60, S80 and S90) and reduces the cost of service. From the perspective of AT T, we only decrease in operating systems for devices - said Kris Rinne, vice president of research and planning the largest operator in the U. S. market. She also noted that the company plans to introduce new machines that are running Symbian, while at the same time, will oversee the development of Android.
Nokia plans to complete the acquisition of shares in Symbian by the end of this year, and in 2009 th Symbian Foundation will introduce its first integrated platform.
The decision of the company to make a Symbian operating system open source to successfully combat the Android from Google automatically increases the pressure on Microsoft, which, according to the research organization Strategy Analytics, has so far been charged 8-15 dollars from each phone, equipped with Windows Mobile. The positions of the company`s market operating systems dl smartphones and communicators quite modest, not exceeding 10% market share. David Rivas saw no future in demand for mobile phone developers to allocate money for each unit sold. A similar business model is not very bright future. It is used very few, and it becomes increasingly difficult to compete in the market - he concluded.


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