Compact and convenient digitizer Genius EasyPen i405

April 29, 2009, 4:00 pm

compact and convenient digitizer genius easypen i405   The company KYE Systems announces release of new digital tablet Genius EasyPen i405, which has very small dimensions and is connected to a computer via USB (implemented compatibility with Windows 2000/XP platform/Vista and Mac OS X 10. . 3 5).
The device is characterized by resolution 2540 lpi, and is equipped with an active area with dimensions of 102 x 140 mm. This model is equipped with a wireless electromagnetic stylus, which has 1024 levels of sensitivity to touch and is equipped with two functional buttons (for the convenience of carrying a stylus in the floor a special clip to one side). In addition, in the arsenal of products are 28 programmable hot keys for quick access to frequently used applications.
But the cost and timing of the start of massive sales of this product yet nothing is known.


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