Compact Laptop Toshiba Port # 233;g # 233;A600 in three new colors

January 16, 2009, 8:32 am

compact laptop toshiba port # 233;g # 233;a600 in three new colors   The company Toshiba has updated its model of mobile PC Port # 233;g # 233;A600. Now customers can buy a novelty in the three new rastsvetkah - Pearl white, pink and glossy black. Remember that Port # 233;g # 233;A600 has a diagonal screen, 12 1 and weighs less than half that of kilograms, which makes it a convenient companion for both corporate and individual users. New items will appear in Russia in the first quarter of 2009.
Port # 233;g # 233;A600 is a thin, lightweight and shock-resistant laptop designed specifically for mobile users. In the fall while the built-sensor automatically parkuet heads the hard disk, reliably protecting data. Also, soon to be available configuration notebook with solid-state drive is less weight and a small response time.
The rest of the device also ogorchit not - there is support for wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, three USB-port interface and eSATA. Another interesting feature Port # 233;g # 233;A600 - a technology Sleep Charge, which allows you to charge mobile devices even when turned off the notebook. Port # 233;g # 233;A600 module is equipped with a 3G connection, which allows the use of SIM-card mobile operator to connect to the Internet at speeds of up to 7, 2 Mbps. Finally, embedded webcam and microphone make it possible without additional external devices to conduct video conferences, participate in video chats, and use your laptop in an IP-phone. Another advantage Port # 233;g # 233;A600 is independent of the time - a laptop to work on battery power up to eight hours !


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