Company Topower 850 watts for four graphics cards

September 16, 2008, 5:33 pm

company topower 850 watts for four graphics cards   The company Topower presented in the next replenishment of powerful family of power - this time the novelty had become a model 850W Quad, which should provide quality meals Masthead modern graphics card. In doing so, according to the manufacturer, peak power is 950 watts, which allows the user to not be afraid of possible sudden burst of energy systems. Besides the apparent advantage of new items Topower is a CPA with over 80%, as well as schemes Active PFC.
Of course, today`s powerful gaming systems are often equipped with four graphics cards at once, that makes the power supply to not only in terms of demands issued by power, but also the availability of sufficient quantities of food connectors for video cards. In order to comply with modern developments BP 850W Quad supplied complete with four connectors nutrition for PCI-Express-circuit boards. Of course, developers realized modular system connecting cables - feature masthead power.
cooling system represented only 120 - mm air fan placed at the bottom of the block, with the presence at the back of the vents, and the lower (on which the fan) is decorated with dark-green mirror coating. Together with green LEDs - excellent design solution that pleased modderov. Finally say on the cost - $ 250.


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