A comparison of performance Intel Atom, VIA Nano and AMD Athlon Neo

April 16, 2009, 8:26 am

a comparison of performance intel atom, via nano and amd athlon neo 
a comparison of performance intel atom, via nano and amd athlon neo   For a year has passed from the first appearance of the central processor Intel Atom in the world market, which immediately gained market segment netbukov, small mobile computers.
However, a leader of Intel competitors are forced to attempt to succeed in the market segment. Traditionally, the main opponents of a developer of integrated circuits such as AMD and Taiwanese company VIA. Both are released on the market potential murderer processor Intel Atom, which should make him competitive in the market netbukov. The success of a decision today depends largely on his performance, which we are now focused on.
opponents this time are as follows:CPU Intel Atom N280, one of the most popular microarray in netbukov;AMD Athlon Neo, has not yet found widespread use in small computers, but have to be registered in certain models;VIA Nano, who came to replace the C7-M, and is already being used as the CPU in some models netbukov. As a platform for the study were selected netbuki ASUS Eee PC 1000HE (CPU Intel Atom N280), Samsung NC20 (CPU VIA Nano U2250) and the HP Pavilion dv2 (CPU AMD Athlon Neo MV-40).
The results of the testing systems in the most popular applications, works with the owner of netbukov, have been mixed - the apparent winner was unable to identify.
A study of autonomous work time does not allow to determine the real distribution of forces, because to a large extent, this parameter is due not only to power the CPU, but also depends on the consumption of other components of the computer. Nevertheless, this parameter benefits system based on the platform Intel Atom - being autonomous work when playing video at 381-minute, while the Samsung NC20 showed results equal to 275 minutes. The least autonomous system was based on the chip AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 with the result of the entire 149 minutes.
So, declare a clear winner when comparing systems based on the three platforms is not possible, however, the nuclear device is still somewhat more attractive. However, speaking about the advantages/disadvantages of specific systems can not lose sight of the fact that it is a system based on Intel Atom platform is most popular among both producers and buyers - the market situation shows itself in competition winner. It was the popularity of the product - the main goal of any manufacturer, and here Intel Atom outside competition.


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