Compro VideoMate Vista U750F:godsend for TV-maniac

October 31, 2008, 2:54 pm

compro videomate vista u750f:godsend for tv-maniac   The company Compro Technology presented on the Russian market a new external TV tuner VideoMate Vista U750F, aimed at mobile users who are unwilling to part with your favorite teleperedachami even far away from home.
Compro U750F is a small TV/FM-tuner, can receive, view and record television, the capture analog video from external sources, pending review, an overview of channels and the seizure of individual frames. The tuner can receive all the major TV standards (PAL, SECAM and NTSC), equipped with a USB 2. 0, which receives food - an external power source, it is not necessary.
The business software ComproDTV 4 provides simultaneous viewing of digital (with a second, digital tuner) and analog television broadcast in your area, as well as support functions such as remote computer management, the incorporation of schedule, pending review, review Taking feeds from individual frames and individual setting basic parameters (brightness, tone, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and audio format settings) for each channel separately. Picture in Picture mode allows you to not only look at the same time, and the previously recorded file, but also to open up to four digital channels simultaneously, a feature Videodesktop replace fixed desktop wallpaper to live television.
To do with the tuner more convenient under the operating systems Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate, TV Compro staffed by additional modules. ComproDTV Vista Gadget puts live television directly into the sidebar Vista x86. The function of DTV Add-In adds to the Media Center functionality ComproDTV, as well as integrate a list of tasks for the record of Media Center in ComproDTV (only Vista x86).
has been Novelty appeared in the Russian Retail at a cost of approximately $ 60 - $ 70.
The main features:
  • Acceptance of all major systems, analog TV (NTSC/SECAM/PAL);
  • Bundled complete a certified Microsoft MPEG-2 encoder supports the viewing and recording TV programs directly to the Microsoft Media Center;
  • New software ComproDTV 4 with Vista Gadget, the integration of Microsoft Media Center and import targets for the recording of it (only Vista x86);
  • ComproDTV 4 may to work with multiple tuners Compro, established in the system, both internal and external;
  • USB 2 interface. 0;
  • Meals on USB, there is no need for additional PSU;
  • The function of a pending viewer to pause in allows you to broadcast and continue watching, not waiting until the end of the recording;
  • Custom order channels and a list of frequently called channels;
  • Support MPEG-1/2/4 when recording analog video and video capturing (you will need to install an additional MPEG-4 codec);
  • Review channels;
  • Capturing the individual frames and sequences, including remotely;
  • Split files into segments of various lengths depending on the type of medium in which they will be recorded;
  • Pause while recording to skip ads in analog television;
  • Remote Control for TV and DVD;
  • Company technology Compro Picture Purifying Technology;
  • Capturing analog composite video or S-Video inputs;
  • Certified for Windows Vista x86/x64.


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