Computer myshke stuknulo 40 years

December 2, 2008, 1:35 am

computer myshke stuknulo 40 years 
computer myshke stuknulo 40 years   Although the device that you can see in the illustration below, it may seem strange, in fact, it is familiar to everyone. This - the world`s first computer mouse, designed exactly 40 years ago. The first mouse was made of wood, it was wheel, one big red button and, of course, cable, which it got its name mouse.
The development of the device, which was destined for many years to become one of the main means of communication between humans and computers, began in the early 60`s in the Research Institute of Stanford. The first prototype was ready in 1964, but only four years later the mouse was shown at a computer conference in San Francisco.
In the 70`s of the device developed by Xerox, and the first commercial product, which used mouse, was released in 1981. It was the computer system Xerox Star. The general public became acquainted with the mouse a little later - only in 1984 when he was released Macintosh computer. Then the company acquired the rights to the Apple device and has released the first personal computer with a mouse. Mac users say that it should be done by moving the mouse - a small track - described in the press release, Apple Macintosh. It can choose the desired option from the menu or graphic symbol on the screen. Thanks myshke users no longer need to remember the huge number of puzzling commands on the keyboard, which are used in conventional computers. This training is faster and easier to operate a computer.
Inventors mouse, Douglas Engelbartu (Douglas Engelbart) is 83 years. He was not very lucky with the invention in financial terms - a term patent, which he owned, ended shortly before the technology was presented to the public by Apple. In other words, Douglas had not received any contributions over the past 20-odd years, when the mouse confidently took place on the desktop users around the world. But in 1998 the then U. S. president Bill Clinton awarded the National Medal of Douglas, technological advances, noting that he was involved in laying the foundations of modern computer technology.
live there yet mouse 40 years, time will tell. In recent years, actively develop new systems of interaction between humans and computers. Is it very soon we will communicate with a PC gestures, voice or using the touch screen and mouse left to live only in museums.


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