The computer is not able to speak with a person under the same

October 15, 2008, 6:32 am

the computer is not able to speak with a person under the same 
the computer is not able to speak with a person under the same   Eighteenth account tournament between the best representatives of artificial intelligence for the prize Lebnera once again revealed no clear winner. Recall that under the terms of competition gold medal (made, incidentally, made of precious metals rather than gold plated) goes to the program, or chatbotu able to pass the Turing test. In other words, can convince the judges that they do not communicate with the computer, but with the living person - if a third of the judges were unable to identify the interlocutors in the program, the authors awarded herself a medal and a prize of $ 100 thousand
Gold Medal - The grand prize Lebnera
In the entire short story competition, none of the titles in the final program has not been able to successfully pass the Turing test, in step away from cherished prize were several representatives of artificial intelligence. Particularly distinguished bot A. L. I. C. E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity), which became the winner - in relation to competitors, never received the grand prize - just three times:in 2000, 2001 and 2004. An A. L. I. C. E. to the finals and this time, and making excellent and won third place. The program was written by Richard Wallace in 1995, and in 1998 rewritten in the language of Java, and to build a database - to select one of the options for a specific phrase interlocutor - used dialect AIML language XML Schema.
During the five-minute interview program must convince the twelve judges in their humanity. In the first round was attended by thirteen bots, which resulted in them were selected among the six parties to the finals stage. And although, as we have noted, none of them have not been able to achieve cherished goal, two of them were very close to passing the Turing test - to win the main prize did not have a single vote, the judges - were unable to identify the interlocutors in the computer as soon as the three judges.
order once mention winners, who have spent a tremendous amount of effort to develop software, organizers awarded the creators of bots promotional prize of $ 2000 and a bronze medal. This year the laurels of the most intellectual program won Bota Elbot and its author Fred Roberts (Fred Roberts), second place was taken by an artificial companion Eugene Goostman, and the third - referred to us A. L. I. C. E.
With regard to prospects for communication, the organizers of competitions note significant progress, which in the coming time, will allow all the same to one of the bots get a prize Lebnera - cherished gold medal and a cash prize. Of course, it is difficult to argue that the ability of the program to communicate with people on an equal footing is a major sign of artificial intelligence, but of course that literacy and clever it is a prerequisite for human and machine interaction, and along the way programmers have made significant progress.


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