Computers in one replace monitors ?

March 5, 2009, 6:57 pm

   In the light of the global crisis the market is going through a liquid crystal panel is not their best times. Meanwhile, the share of LCD monitors with a diagonal from nineteen to twenty-four inches fell another tough test - ousting them from the market aggressively developing class of devices all in one.
According to industry sources, the popularity of computer monitors continue to grow in the second quarter of this year, when the market will be a number of new models. Earlier, a special interest in the all-in-one PC users do not exercise because of too high prices for them. Now the situation has completely changed - after the success of cheap netbukov manufacturers decided to make similar progress in the sector of computers, all in one, and not progadali. Accessibility to a number of other traditional advantages of such devices (small size, low power), enabled them to win the hearts of buyers.
If you have last year`s prices for all-in-one PC up to $ 800 - $ 900, then today you can find offers at $ 500. At the same time, the prices of monitors with diagonals of up to 24"can be as high as $ 400 or even more. According to the source, in such conditions, many buyers would prefer all-in-one PC.
It should be recalled, in 2008, was recorded a decrease of supply LCD monitors, at 2, 1%. Projections for the current year, even black.


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