The concept of flexible folding beds from the EOS Kyocera

April 20, 2009, 8:28 pm

the concept of flexible folding beds from the eos kyocera 
the concept of flexible folding beds from the eos kyocera   The company is developing a Kyocera mobile phone EOS in the unusual form factor. The concept of future new items were recently shown at CTIA. The model with the QWERTY-keyboard is made of flexible material and can be folded in three sections, recalling the purse.
The designer of Susan McKinney (Susan McKinney) referring to the EOS, notes unusual material, the sensations resembling skin. This is a special polymer that can change its shape, while maintaining the necessary rigidity. Moreover, the unique material has a memory, which button the keyboard appear and disappear with the body as needed. In addition, EOS is positioned as ecological phone with power from alternative energy sources. To charge the battery using the built ultra piezoelectric generators. Pressing the button keypad allows generators to produce energy, and the more the user uses the phone, the more he is charged. McKinney said that the concept of EOS is still far from realizing the real unit, but some elements of technology use inflated models in the near future.


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