Cool racing shell AeroCool V12 color tachskrinom

March 3, 2009, 8:44 am

cool racing shell aerocool v12 color tachskrinomcool racing shell aerocool v12 color tachskrinomcool racing shell aerocool v12 color tachskrinom 
cool racing shell aerocool v12 color tachskrinom   The most demanding lovers of modern 3D-games company AeroCool Advanced Technologies (AAT) addresses a new class computer corpus AeroCool V12, whose design is based on the concept Racer Concept and executed in style sports car racing.
This model is the format of Middle Tower proposed in three attractive color options, supplied with the original design of the Start button Engine Start with backlight, and is equipped with a built-TOUCH LCD color display with touch screen, with the help of which you can monitor the temperature and choose the desired speed of rotation of each set in the shell fans.
The product with the dimensions 430 x 200 x 440 mm made of high quality sheet steel thickness SECC 0, 6 mm, compatible with standard ATX boards, and Micro-ATX, has seven expansion slots and is equipped with four compartments to accommodate 5 25-inch devices, as well as six 3, 5-inch drives. At the same time put out two USB 2 connectors. 0, eSATA port and a jack for headphones and microphone.
As for the cooling system, the new one is complete with original rear 120 mm fan (maximum rotational speed - 1200 revolutions per minute, creating an air flow - up to 43, 2 CFM, noise level - less than 18 dB) and one 220-mm propeller on the side wall (maximum speed of rotation - 650 revolutions per minute, creating an air flow - up to 146, 63 CFM, noise level - less than 27, 8 dB).
on the cost and timing of the start of massive sales AeroCool V12 yet nothing is known.


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