Cooler GELID Silent Spirit friends with Socket LGA1366

January 12, 2009, 6:39 pm

cooler gelid silent spirit friends with socket lga1366 
cooler gelid silent spirit friends with socket lga1366   The company GELID Solutions announced the release of a special set of anchorage for the implementation of the compatibility of its debut CPU cooler Silent Spirit connector Socket LGA1366.
As reported in the published an official press release, this set joins the above kuleru the same manner as provided in conjunction with the attachment to the socket Socket LGA775. Thus, users who already had time to acquire a Silent Spirit, can easily adapt the cooling system to effectively lower the temperature of a family of chips Intel Core i7 microarchitecture for Nehalem.
Buy GELID Socket LGA1366 Mounting Kit, you can now for $ 5.


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