Cooler Master prepares an exclusive body in black

November 21, 2008, 12:07 pm

cooler master prepares an exclusive body in black 
cooler master prepares an exclusive body in black   The official site of Cooler Master has a presentation flash banner, vozveschayuschy on the speedy withdrawal of the market a new exclusive black version topovogo Corps COSMOS.
Unfortunately, the exact model name and its full specifications developers have not yet been disclosed. However, there is information that the novelty will be completely black from the outside and inside, the light will see only 500 copies, each of whom receives a unique serial number. Moreover, the rumor that the corps will have a transparent side panel, as well as improved cooling system, includes a pair of additional 140-millimeter fans in the upper wall and a special module to install the hard drive equipped 120-mm propellerom. Another said that each holder of such eksklyuziva automatically becomes a member of the corporate VIP-club and can take a number of privileges.
At the moment, aware that an official announcement products held on 11 December this year.


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