Cooler Master:three green BP output of 360-460 W

November 27, 2008, 12:31 pm

cooler master:three green bp output of 360-460 wcooler master:three green bp output of 360-460 w 
cooler master:three green bp output of 360-460 w   The range of computer power supplies Taiwan companies Cooler Master added three new models once the standard ATX12V V2. 31, designed for entry-level systems. Rated power sources is 360, 400 and 460 W, which is reflected in their titles:RS-360-ASAA-D3, RS-400-ASAA-D3 and RS-460-ASAA-D3. The maximum peak power equivalent to 432, 480 and 552 W respectively. All new items included in the original line of Real Power Pro, brings together a wide range of products, including the most productive power solutions up to 1250 Watts.
In the development of new blocks engineers sought to provide them with advanced features characteristic of more senior models. One proof of this is full compliance with the requirements of environmental standard 80 Plus Bronze. Equipping the scheme of active power factor correction (Active PFC) has enabled a marked increase efficiency sources and as a result, minimize losses, reduce heat internal electronic components and reduce cooling requirements. According to the manufacturer, the new units at half load demonstrate the efficiency of more than 85%. Note that this level of energy efficiency can not boast of any expensive model, not to mention the products for the mass market.
Engineers divided the food chain 12 in two channels:12V1 and 12V2. This decision, they believe, improves the stability of power and allows for a more equitable distribution of the burden. In the case of 460-W models, each of the 12-V channels able to talk to 18 A, for a total gives 36 A. Current load channels 3, 3 and 5 could reach 20 A. It should also be noted that the new units are equipped protection that will protect computer components themselves sources in various contingency situations. Cooling internal filling units involved in 120-mm fans with adjustable speed, depending on the load and as a result of temperature. Manufacturer expresses high reliability of the new representatives series Real Power Pro, pointing to the time of trouble (MTBF) of more than 100 thousand hours.
The characteristics of the new BP Cooler Master Series of Real Power Pro:
  • code model:RS-360-ASAA-D3/RS-400-ASAA-D3/RS-460-ASAA -D3;
  • match the specifications of Intel ATX12V V2. 31;
  • input voltage:90 - 264 V;
  • total long-term power:360 W/400 W/460 W;
  • total peak power:432 W/480 W/552 W;
  • strong correction power factor (Active PFC);
  • power factor:>0, 9;
  • Efficiency:>85%;
  • protection against short circuits and overloads in current, voltage;
  • mean time trouble ( MTBF):More than 100 thousand hours;
  • active cooling of 120-mm fan with termokontrolem;
  • dimensions:150 x 140 x 86 mm;
  • certified 80 Plus Bronze.


• cooler master elite
• cooler master rs360
• CoolerMaster RS-360-ASAA-D3
• coolermaster rs-360-asaa-d3
• RS-360-ASAA-D3
• rs-360-asaa-d3 ราคา
• rs-400-asaa-d3
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