How to cope with Porcine influenza online

April 30, 2009, 9:41 am

how to cope with porcine influenza online 
how to cope with porcine influenza online   For several days, the leader in the number of search queries on the Web is a topic of pig influenza H1N1, the virus quickly spread worldwide. About flu speak and write in the news, discussing the extent of contamination in blogs, social networks. Despite the fact that web rumors and speculation spread with the speed of light, information technology can be an effective tool in the fight against H1N1.
According to some experts, the effectiveness of vaccines and dates of their creation will play a key role in overcoming the dangerous disease, but the Internet and other communication technologies can assist in tracking the spread of H1N1, informing the user, and possibly saving thousands of lives.
The original way to alert Internet users, experts have thought the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Center for Disease Control, CDC). As a tool for operational reporting they use the popular online resource Twitter.
his version of the identification of new sources of threat offers internet giant Google. Due to the operational work of several groups of enthusiasts in real time on a world map markers appear, informing about the new suspected or confirmed pockets of H1N1. Using one of these cards, you can even assess the level of risk in a region. For example, pink markers denote the suspicious cases, purple - the place where the infection is confirmed officially. If the marker is missing in the middle of a black point, then, in the locality of death occurred.
In addition to the work of doctors and the case of Internet resources, to combat disease must by users. Index - do not panic, do not confuse your friends and acquaintances, but to follow the news, listen to the advice of experts and avoid risk.


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