Core i7 975 XE INVADES 5015 MHz on air

April 29, 2009, 12:25 pm

core i7 975 xe invades 5015 mhz on aircore i7 975 xe invades 5015 mhz on air 
core i7 975 xe invades 5015 mhz on air   Even at the beginning of March we became acquainted with the first results of overclocking the processor Core i7, which was based on steppinge D0. At that time used a powerful cooler Thermalright Ultra 120 RT, allowed chipu Core i7 920 steppinga D0 to disperse the frequency of 4641 MHz at 1, 56 B. The result is impressive, with the air cooled to obtain a frequency until steppinga D0 was not easy. But party forum reports that both the 5 GHz for the Bloomfield-D0 completely on the shoulder.
enthusiast PcCI2iminal through engineering sample CPU Core i7 975 XE steppinga D0 conquers the active air cooled 5015 MHz. As in the case of acceleration Core i7 920, he used a motherboard Biostar Tpower X58 and cooler Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme-1366. At this frequency was able to register a result.
When the working frequency of the processor 4750 MHz SuperPi 1M test was carried out for 8, 672 pp.
Of course, on the above Forum started a lively discussion of the achievements. Proposals views that are now not only Quad-core AMD will be able to win the close to 7 GHz frequency in the use of extreme cold. Others, however, convinced that only when you move to 32-nm manufacturing process Intel chips will be able to conquer the 6-7 GHz band. Rightly or wrongly, with the advent of the first chip-Bloomfield-D0 Sales ordinary users will get the chance when using air cooling to obtain a greater acceleration.
We are waiting for the results of the crackdown Bloomfield-D0 using extreme cooling.


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