Couple of screenshots inFamous

December 23, 2008, 8:21 am

couple of screenshots infamous 
couple of screenshots infamous   The network added two new skrina promising action inFamous, which publishes the very Sony. The game tells of"a mysterious man, endowed nedyuzhinnymi opportunities. In particular, it is easy to let out of the hands of lightning, commits dizzying jumps, a force of thought moves objects. The laser sword is not complete. Judging from the pictures, the game should turn out just fine.
inFamous - this is a play for the PlayStation 3, which can be considered definitive answer Crackdown (Xbox 360). According to a plot, we will deal with all kinds of good deeds, along ispepelyaya opponents. The development is studio Sucker Punch Productions, known for a series of Sly Cooper. The release will be held in 2009.
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