The creator of Resident Evil 5 trailers withdraw the film on the game from Capcom

March 11, 2009, 4:26 pm

the creator of resident evil 5 trailers withdraw the film on the game from capcom   Jim Sonzero (Jim Sonzero) - Set of rollers in action Resident Evil 5 said in an interview with MTV, which is negotiating with Capcom on a very interesting question . Ostensibly, he wants to remove a feature film based on a franchisee publishers. Notice that this man is not new to kinobiznese. Previously, he has already managed to work on a film Pulse, as well as advertisements.
In recognition of his Sonzero (Sonzero) does not speak about specific games. We can only delete from the list of Lost Planet and Street Fighter. Perhaps he will be taken for the film based on the Bionic Commando. It would be interesting to look at the adventures of red man with a mechanical arm on the big screen.
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