The creator of Resident Evil will not play Resident Evil 5

December 2, 2008, 10:55 am

the creator of resident evil will not play resident evil 5 
the creator of resident evil will not play resident evil 5   In view of Shinji Mikami (Shinji Mikami) is to listen. This person is not simply a founder series Resident Evil, but was also the producer of several major projects from Capcom, including Viewtiful Joe and Devil May Cry. He insisted on alterations Resident Evil 4, turning it into one of the best games of our time. What is it our surprise, when Mikami (Mikami) in an interview with Official PlayStation magazine said that is not going to play Resident Evil 5.
The developer does not want to play in the fifth part, because he would have made quite a different thing. The specialist also threatened his former superiors that if Resident Evil 5 will not quality, then it is very angry. Recall that now Mikami (Mikami) is working in the studio Platinum Games, where he moved with several other specialists, including the creators of Okami.


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